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Now the question is if options buyers are inherently taking a higher risk, who is on the other side of the trade with better odds of winning? Let me explain with a basic introduction to what comprises option premium, different types of options, open interest and an example showing how most options expire worthless.

A second class was morphologically normal and took up DNA into a DNase-resistant state normally, but was deficient in both chromosomal and plasmid transformation; mutations in these mutants may affect entry of DNA into the cell proper.

Most retail traders usually buy options, i.e., buy calls if the bet is that the market will go up or buy puts if going down.

The idea behind this post is to explain the basics on option writing/shorting, and how including them in trading can improve the odds of winning.

She received her masters in Comparative Literature from Jadavpur University, Kolkata.

Sen taught English at a well known Boys' school (Ballygunge Govt. Moon Moon Sen started her career in films and television after marriage and motherhood. Her daring role in that film apparently created a storm of controversy.

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