Dating a vibroplex

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Simple to operate and virtually incapable of making errors, the Hand Key is the basic tool for the telegrapher.

However, the early telegraph keys used to send messages caused severe strain on the telegrapher's wrist - a condition now known as carpal tunnel syndrome. Martin patented the first in a line of devices which solved the problem: the Martin Autoplex, an electro-mechanical sending device which required batteries. Owning this beautifully crafted instrument will link you to a great tradition. The base, frame, and levers are electrostatic powdercoated in a wrinkle black finish. Adjustment components are chromed brass; the contact points are coin-grade silver. A heavy solid steel base anchors the straight key to the operating position.

Thanks for your interest, and I hope you find it interesting and informative. Martin made the first Vibroplex in 1904 or 1905, about 300,000 Vibroplexes have been made, and the Original model Vibroplex is still being made after more than 90 years.

Vibroplexes were by far the most predominant bug on land line telegraph systems like Western Union, Postal Telegraph, the railroads, and hundreds of others.

It was a LANGUAGE that was understood by both young and old radio operators who had the interest, the desire and the discipline to learn and become accomplished at conversing in this most reliable of communications modes.

International Morse Code's ability to allow 100% copy in the most difficult of conditions that would leave any spoken language incomprehensible is legend.

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