Tea party intimidating voters

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Two years later, Bannon and a senior colleague struck out on their own, opening a small investment company in Beverly Hills.According to Bannon, the firm’s clients over the next half-dozen or so years included Crédit Lyonnais, M-G-M, and Poly Gram.Robert Putnam, author of the celebrated book, "Bowling Alone," says his studies of multiracial neighborhoods in America suggest that more diversity doesn't initially create more tolerance. In his 2007 book, "E Pluribus Unum: Diversity and Community in the Twenty-first Century," Putnam says his studies of diverse communities show that in the short run, its members tend to expect the worst, distrust neighbors and withdraw. It doesn't have to be, says Gallagher, the La Salle University sociologist."Residents of all races tend to 'hunker down,' '' Putnam writes. Gallagher points out that the United States has accommodated massive change before.Stewart and fellow Comedy Central host Stephen Colbert held their "March to Keep Fear Alive" on the National Mall two months after Beck's rally.Stewart said he held the rally for people tired of the media portraying America as a divided country.

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A right wing concept that espouses the practice that any public service that could reasonably be solely supplied by the market, or harmful action that could be self regulated or otherwise controlled by public censure, should be. Jackson Lee was born Sheila Jackson in Queens, New York. Four Republicans competed in the March 1 primary election for the right to challenge Jackson Lee in the November 8 general election. For the first time in her congressional career, Jackson Lee was challenged in the Democratic primary; her opponents were Houston City Councilmember Jarvis Johnson and Sean Roberts. It was reported that in October 2010 Jackson Lee was “asking the Department of Justice to investigate whether tea party groups are intimidating black and Hispanic voters in her district.” She requested that Attorney General Eric Holder send poll monitors to make sure that a local group wasn't stopping people from voting. in political science from Yale University in 1972, followed by a J. from the University of Virginia School of Law in 1975.In 2011 she was reported to have one of the highest staff turnovers in Congress and to be one of the worst bosses.

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