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The common Chinese term xuānchuán (宣传) can mean "dissemination", "propaganda", or "publicity".

Aspects of propaganda can be traced back to the earliest periods of Chinese history, but propaganda has been most effective in the twentieth century owing to mass media and an authoritarian government.

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Louie Vito: I started going to John Schaeffer at Winning Factor the spring of 2011.She had made a lot of mistakes in her life, and seemed far more than I could handle.As a snowboarder you do a lot of jumping, landings, and snapping through your core and lower body.From the outside, J Street, the dovish Israel lobby, has been pushing the issue.But more broadly, this re-evaluation is also a spillover from Israel and the Israeli-occupied West Bank, where the rendering and use of maps of the region have led to some prominent criticisms of both Israel and the Palestinian Authority.

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